This Daddy

This daddy is a self proclaimed Next Generation Dad. But when you make up the phrase you can self proclaim just about anything. I have also just proclaimed myself King of Daddyland, which makes MamaLita royalty, Bubba a prince, and Mimi a princess. Just like in a Disney movie!

On that note I probably should buy Disney stock because I'm pretty confident I am single handedly increasing the stock value, and we haven't even made the trip to the most-crowded-overpriced-ensuring-it-under-delivers-on-most-parent's-expectations-place-on-Earth.

Now you are probably asking yourself what is an NGD?

An NGD is a dad
that believes, and daily lives out, that raising kids is an equal partnership and joint effort between a mom and dad — with a reasonable exception for birthing and breast feeding. Next Generation Dads know raising the next generation of men and women is the most important, rewarding, and life changing job you could be offered, even though you are usually under qualified, often ill prepared, and generally over confident (it may just be me that was over confident, but I think over confidence is more common to dads than moms).

To do it really well means dedicating the greatest percentage of your time, energy, and life to the task.

Being a husband and a dad was the one thing I always knew I wanted. I had plans on what I would do for a "job" (which ultimately turned out very different than the plan). But having a family was a constant. I think this desire was because of the family life I had growing up. I thought it was normal to have your parents really love each other, to have both sets of grandparents spend holidays together, and to think divorce was weird.

Thanks to the "job" I didn't plan to have I met MamaLita in Dallas, TX. Three years later Bubba joined the troop and three years after that Mimi arrived.

I am a very proud, occasionally frustrated, often tired, and extremely passionate daddy. I love my kids and can't wait to have more. As a side note we will adopt all future siblings, something MamaLita and I are passionate about. There are too many tikes in this world without parents to love, hug, and kiss on (I always just want to eat mine...seriously); and being a daddy means more than just having someone who has half my chromosomal anomalies (poor Bubba).

After Bubba and before Mimi I quit my "job" and got a life. I still have job, but now I refer to myself as a Lifestyle Entrepeneur. The freedom to work from home and work when and how I want means I get to spend loads of time being a daddy. The hardest part is trying to explain to Bubba why I can't, "Play with me!" when I am working. We are not getting rich by the world's standards, but I am getting rich based on the NGD standard.
I can honestly say I love what I do, which is rare I think.

If you are a Cubicle-Cave-Dweller or C-Level-Lifer and want to make the leap to Lifestyle Entrepreneur I highly recommend it. You can go here, here, here, here ,and here for some encouragement and real life help on how.

So, in addition to being a daddy I am an entrepreneur, regular blogger, public speaker, information sharer, avid reader, TV watcher (too much probably), average athlete, lover of life and people, and pursuer of a relationship with Jesus (the Christ one not the Mexican down the street). I think it is important to do well in life, but know it is much more important to do good! I know that God has blessed me richly, and desire to share those blessings.

I am a technology evangelist and love that technology will continue to change the world at a increasing pace. I love gadgets, and if you meet me it is apparent based on the slew of them in my laptop bag. But, I also believe the need for technology and immediate information has created a modern society where self introspection and time for quite thought is of less importance than it should be. New and good ideas are generated from taking time to notice the world around us, and then thinking clearly in order to discuss and take action on ways to improve it - both technically and socially.

Aside from spending time with my family, friends, and business I am passionate about the concept and reality of social entrepreneurship and micro-finance lending. I have been blessed with love, success, confidence, and the opportunity to access almost every convenience in life. My goal is in turn to help others have access to these same blessings. Over half the world's population live in extreme poverty earning less than $2.00 a day. My generation, our generation, is the first to be able to say we can realistically see the end to extreme poverty. I can think of no greater calling to use our resources to spread God's love and help to serve those in need.

You can check out my company here and here, more about my thoughts on business life here., and MamaLita's blog here.

If you would like to contribute a guest post to NGD or just ask me questions email me.

If you read this whole thing I'm impressed and hope that you like some of my ramblings on daddy-hood.