Life Changes...

Just when you begin to feel comfortable, life seems to want to change all at once. I've spent some time over the past couple months reviewing changes in my life, and it makes me question where these changes will ultimately lead. I'm not intending to sound deep, it just makes me think about life decisions. I don't believe these changes or my life are any more or less significant than anyone elses, but they seem to be extra significant right now.

  • My son turned one year old last month...which is bigger than you think for a parent
  • Two months ago I was informed I was being removed from the job I held for four years (and that I liked)
  • I was then offered a new job with the same company...and accepted it
  • One month later I rejected the job offer (this last Friday) and accepted a different job in the same company
  • My little sister had a baby (obviously she is not so little anymore) which is hard to believe
  • Found out two days ago that my dad has cancer

All of these changes affect me and my family in different ways: some good, some bad - but they have an affect. I think the biggest thing these changes have made me reflect on is the reliance on Christ that I am forced to have. I am a "make my own way" type of person, but that isn't God's plan. Daily I have to recognize that my life is not my own, but the choices that I make and how I chose to let changes in my life affect me are. My friend Matt Richter put it well when he summarized an evening Bible study with, "We are to pursue righteousness in our choices." Our choices should be focused around the eternal, rather than the immediate grafication of our own desires.

I know that life will continue to bring changes - which lead to choices. I hope that I can accutely listen for Christ and make the right choice.