When I Grow Up

I'm blessed to get to work from home. I highly recommend it for dads, as you get to experience your family at a much greater level. I also highly recommend being self-employed, but I save those pitches for another blog.

Bubba regularly asks me to play during the day while I'm working. I enjoy my work, but I'd rather play. But alas I have to work. The other day he hopped (literally) into my office (which doubles as the nursery) and we proceeded to have this conversation.

Bubba: Dada, want to play with me?
Me: Yes, but I can't right now. I'll play with you after nap?
Bubba: But why?
Me: Because I have to work Bubba.
Bubba: On your computew?
Me: Yes, on my computer.
Bubba: But why you have to work?
Me: Because I have to make money.
Bubba: But why you have to make money?
Me: So we can pay our bills and buy fun toys for you.
Bubba: Dada. When I get biggew, and biggew, and biggew, and biggew I'm gonna make money on your computew and then I can play with you.

I felt a tinge of guilt that I wasn't playing with him but also was so tickled that he kind of understood that fact that when he grew up he would work. And it felt great that the wanted to be like dad!

Bubba is a computer genius. Before he was 3 he could use both the touch pad and external mouse, and keeps himself fully entertained on PBS Kids for at least 15 minutes navigating around the games. I haven't taught him how to navigate to favorites for fear I'd have to buy him his own laptop.
Me and Bubba "Working"


Grandmama said...

One of my favorite posts to date!!!

Andrew Hull said...

Great photo. I can totally relate!

prelude619 said...

Thats an awesome picture! That will be me and my son as soon as I let him use the computer!