Conversations Only of the Parental Type

We had bigs plans for the Santa Barbara Fair today. We left the house approximately one hour after our rendezvous time with friends at the fair. From the outside of Dora (our Explorer's name. Dora the Ford...get it? What? You don't name your cars?) it appeared as though we were going to run a marathon while pushing three kids.

toddler bag - check
diaper bag - check
single jogger - check
double jogger - check
kiddopotamus - check
Baby Bjorn (in case Sweet Pea didn't like the jogger): check
The Ultimate Wrap (in case Sweet Pea didn't like jogger or Baby Bjorn) - check
three Nalgene bottles - check
Bubba - check
Sweet Pea - check

It really does take longer to get out of the house with two kids...

On the way to the fair we were listening to VeggieTales Sing-Alongs: O Veggie, Where Art Thou. Bubba's favorite song is Old Time Religion. MyLove's is Amazing Grace, and when it came on she turned the volume way up so she could hear the end solo part. And then we had this conversation...
MyLove: Isn't that solo part at the end by the asparagus great!
Me: I don't think that's the asparagus. It's Grandpa Bob.
MyLove: No way, it's the asparagus. Listen closer.
Me: (listening)
MyLove: It's the asparagus. (she at this point sings the part like and with said asparagus having very pronounced arm motions like she is the lead in a Broadway show)
Me: Yeah..maybe it is.

In my head I'm thinking this has to be the most ridiculous debate that has ever taken place on the face of God's Green Earth.

Please tell me that you have these conversations, too.


Andy said...

im with tessa on the "my lover"

i think i just vomitted in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I can just see Chryssie singing it! It definitely is a conversation only the parents of toddlers would have. :)

Andy! eeewwwww... - gmama